Friday, August 29, 2014

Feeding 3 babies..

This is more of like the situation each time.... They cry like its the end of the world before feeding time and happy after feeding time. And yes since they're on schedule usually they all cry at the same time, but sometimes we get to feed two first when the one other one is still sleeping.
Sooo... Having 3 babies so far at home is hard but rewarding for sure.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alessandra is home

Born at 1lb 12oz only.
I believe she is the fifth baby who's hiding that was found on my 16th week sonogram by Misty Salvie.
Stayed in the NICU hospital for 10weeks (and I thought I stayed long enough at 8weeks) and the third baby out of five to come home...
You are so strong and a true fighter.
Alessandra, you are a miracle. 

Rex and my mom picked up Alessandra and had the chance to visit Scarlett and Perrin. 
    Here with Christina, the beautiful primary nurse of Perrin and also the nurse of Alessandra and Scarlett that day. Not in the picture is Kailee the primary nurse of Scarlett.

Holding Scarlett, she is almost 7lbs!
At my back is Perrin's bed, he is almost the same weight too.

2nd month bday of the quints

Second month birthday of the babies are spent apart...

Alessandra, Perrin and Scarlett in the hospital
                                            Noah and Vianca at home

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Moments captured-Vianca&Noah

I dressed up the same color Vianca and Noah and these are what i captured. So sweet. So precious.

Vianca and Noah are home

August 5, 2014, 7 weeks after my babies are born and 7 weeks NICU stay, Vianca and Noah are the two first ones that are finally home with us.
Thank God!

Vianca saying "see you soon" to her sister, Scarlett

                                                  Vianca saying "be strong, Perrin!"

Bye bye Parkland! 

With Donna, lactation consultant

Finally bringing home two of our babies

Vianca and her funny moves

Noah, charming and cute in his car seat

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy 1st month!!!

Our babies are one month now!!! They are all doing good with just few issues every now and then with Perrin and Alessandra and normal bottle feeding issues with the rest. 
Scarlett and Noah are both in the open crib and off monitors now. Hooray! 
Vianca is in open crib too but still with monitors because she still has apnea every now and then. 

 First family picture! :)

 I am so happy they are all together again in this picture, im sure they all feel the same 

Lola Aida with her grand babies! She loves them so much

Alessandra, Vianca, Scarlett, Noah and Perrin (L-R)

Alessandra- "Im not very happy with this pictorial mom!"
 Scarlett- "hey alessandra! This is mom's dream, for us 5 to be together again for a picture!
Scarlett- "okay.... I dont care, ill sleep"
Noah- "so am i"
Perrin-"how long will this take...? I just wanna go back to my isolette bed!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our babies after 4 weeks

It has been 4weeks since the babies were born and tomorrow July 17th will be their big day, it is their first month!!! 
Every night, we will go to visit our babies and i can't believe how they have grown so much!
Here are some of the pics and short updates about them.

He is bottle feeding 2 times a day now. Overall he didnt have alot of issues and is doing great.

He had intestinal malrotation surgery the first week he was born and is doing good now. He has some issues with sodium levels and some other preemie issues but so far he is doing good. 

She is always awake and observes, she is bottle feeding twice a day. She still gets apnea (when you forget to breath) once in a while.

She is the first one who made a big step and now in the open crib! I think she is the first one who will go home soon :) 

She has feeding intolerance every now and then even if she gets the breast milk. She is the smallest one. I worry about her alot, i hope she gains weight quickly and will be able to catch up with her siblings.

It is very hard leaving our babies every night. It is hard to leave them when they are awake and holds ur finger and just looks at you. It is hard not being able to comfort them when they start crying. It is hard to see them with all the tubes. 
They always say life in the NICU is like rollercoaster. 
There are a lot of hard things to say but these babies taught me one BIG thing and it is to be STRONG because right now, every minute, every day, they are fighting for their LIFE.

We are thankful for all the nurses in NICU who are taking care of our babies.